Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unpopular Opinions

I am watching the NCAA selection show and I can't wait for the tournament to start! I am getting nervous already. Now for the unpopular opinions. First, I am SO excited Louisville got the #1 seed!!! GO CARDS!! It was interesting sitting in my living room last night watching the 'Cuse - Louisville game with Phishbone23. We had to sit on different couches. Second, now Phishbone23 just asked me who I would cheer for if Siena played Louisville. I have to admit that I would cheer for Louisville, if only because I hope they win everything. That being said, I hope Siena does well and if Siena beats Louisville, I wouldn't be devestated. And finally, third, I love Bobby Knight. They were discussing how mid majors tend to get screwed over if they are bubble teams (St. Mary's this year, and it may have happened to Siena if they hadn't won the MAAC) and Coach Knight comes in amidst all of the arguing and says, "Why not just play one more round". It makes perfect sense! It wouldn't be that hard. Anyways, I am looking forward to watching the games this weekend with Kev, MikeyO, and Phishbone23.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caption This Picture

This is a picture from a race I did this weekend (I came in 2nd!). There is a perfectly logical explanation for the way I look, but it isn't really obvious from the picture.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well no one else seems to post on here, so I'll try to do it at least weekly. This weeks topic: Siena Basketball

So Siena made the NCAA tourney again this year, and its great. Looks like WE probably would have not gotten an at large bid, so its huge that we won the MAAC tournament. SO here's my questions: Is it better to get a 9 seed, have an easier first round matchup, and then play a #1 seed, or get an 11 seed, beat a 6 seed, and then play a 3 seed?

I think I'd much rather get teh 11 seed, since I think we can beat any 6 seed on a neutral court. Then smack around a 3 seed like like Bobby Brown on Whitney. Anyway that's my thought.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Warm weather, beer and basketball

So it is now officially two weeks before my vacation starts and I can not wait!!! Of course it starts on St. Patty's day with a 9:30 trip to the dentist followed by an 11:00 at the eye doctor. but after that, I am free to drink for 6 days in a row. the key this year is not puking 6 times on the flights back on Monday.

So it's about 10 degrees here tonight, super windy and we got snow. Houston sounds sooo good right now. Saturday I am heading to the Tu to watch the Saints begin their march to the Sweet 16. So Fish, what is there to do in Houston? Got any bars or places in mind to check out???

I know this isn't the most exciting post, but considering the posts we've had lately, I think this is a winner. Part of the reason may be that I gave on drinking on work nights for lent. Lucking I don't have to work when I am in Houston, so in the words of someone amazing "It's on like Donkey Kong". Peace out biiiiiiitchez