Saturday, May 23, 2009

A new idea

Hi folks! I'm still alive! I have decided to raise BFB back from the grave for another crazy project. In the near future look for a Podcast from DrX, Fish and I. Here is the premise: We will invite crazy people onto the show and interview them. I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work in practice, but it should at least be fun to try.

So, you may be asking yourself, where are you going to find crazy people to interview? Worry not! The internet is full of them! I am beginning to scour the nets for the craziest conspiracy theorists, alternative medicine quacks, religious nutjobs, and all around douchebags and nutcases. If anyone would like to help, or has any great ideas, let me know!

For the near future, I'm afraid BFB will just mainly be a planning area for this project, so it may not be anymore exciting than it has been. Once we have a good plan, I may create a new webpage for it and let BFB die an inglorious death. If anyone would like to take it over, it's all yours! I just don't have the time anymore to make regular posts. But, for now, there should be at least a little action here. Wish us luck in our new endeavour

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cautiously Optimistic

Ok, so they Yankees have now won 4 in a row and had a nice comeback against a struggling Angels team with a new closer. They are 13-10 and are 3.5 games ahead of Tampa, 1 game behind Boston & 2 behind Toronto (but they don't matter anyway).

So as a Yankee fan, I feel pretty good at this point. As the Kentucky Derby approaches later, I am thinking of horse racing and how it relates to the MLB season. Right now the Yankees are jockying in position trying to get to a good place at the quarter post. And I feel pretty good about it. We're staying right with the other teams, which after the last few seasons is a big improvement. We survived a big sprint by Boston (winning 11 in a row), a slow start by Texeira (BA: .189), but we're still right there.

At the same time, its kind of sad that a 13-10 start actually has me optimistic. I mean its really not that great of a record. Boston luckily, was 2-6 before their winning streak. Is this has really what it has come down to for a Yankee fan??? Mediocre? Really, Really???

Yes we are in the race and yes things look good even for a wildcard with a lot of good, but not great teams in the AL. But shouldn't we expect more? Not even just as Yankee fans, but as someone that can't even find a ticket for less than $150 available anywhere??? I mean apparently we should never lose because our payroll is so high. And it fucking better well be that way. If I can't afford to go to the game, they still have to look good on my HD.

Well that's my morning rant. Got a nice little Saturday planned. A lil' Kohl's, Fishkill Tire, maybe even a little kickball birthday celebration if we're feeling crazy. Oh and if you want to be my friend, sign-up for Facebook motherfuckers!!!

I'M OUT!!!