Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to the grind

The holiday week is over, folks. Time to get back to everyday living. Sorry, I have no paintings for you tonight, I didn't have the time to get more paint and canvas this weekend. I should have something for you next week, though. If anyone has any requests for paintings, let me know. Canvas and paint are pretty cheap, so I'll make something for everyone if you'd like. It just might take a while. Paintings for all! 

Also, I am in need of a creepy puppet for the upcoming film I am going to attempt to make over the Christmas holiday, and was wondering if you guys could help me out in finding one. I was thinking something along the lines of a lizard, but anything creepy would probably do. Oh, and I'm on a budget, so nothing too crazy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after

I hope everyon had a great Thanksgiving and properly stuffed themselves full of varying sorts of food. This is the last day that the parents are in town here, so I'll try to post something over the weekend. I may be doing more painting tomorrow, too. Anyways, what good stuff did everyone have for Thanksgiving dinner?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving break

OK folks, the parents are in town for Thanksgiving, so I'll most likely be MIA for the rest of the week. Hope everyone has a great holiday and gets to eat a ton of turkey!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More painting!

Well, I spent another Saturday afternoon painting, and here is the result:

Yay for breakfast!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Late night delusional story time

There was a boy who had an abnormal fascination for a table. The boy's love for the table was not returned to him, since everyone knows that tables are incapable of love. The boy didn't care, however. The love he had for the table was his, and he wouldn't give it up for anything. One day someone came and took the table away and the boy was very sad at first, but then realized that the table didn't have to be there at all. What he was really in love with was the feeling the table gave him. Just thinking of the table back to when he loved it was enough to get him through tough times. The love the boy had was truly selfish, but maybe all love is. But the table never cared. 

Because I'm lazy...

..and don't feel like making a real post, since I really have nothing to say, I will now post some music for your veiwing and listening enjoyment. Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Expelled for boredom

Just watched Expelled on Netflix. I was going to write a review, but there really is no point. The movie is everything I was expecting and didn't wait long to show you that. In fact, right in the opening credits was old footage of Nazis and the Berlin Wall being built. The movie was just more frustrating and chaotic than outrageous, though. 

The thing I consider the most ridiculous thing: the movie is suppose to be about how Intelligent Design (ID) is being unfairly shut out from the scientific community despite it being a legitimate science. Why then, for the entire movie, is there not a single mention of any findings of ID, nor even a solid description of ID? You would think that a film about ID's struggles would have a good description of what it is. But that would be impossible, because ID isn't a theory at all, it is just a critique of "Darwinism" and claims that anything that "Darwinism" can't explain must be the result of an intelligent designer. There are no scientific studies behind it. And by "Darwinism" they are actually talking about Darwin's findings only, as if Evolutionary Biology has made no progress in the past 150 years. 

Buy anyways, Stein's comments in promoting the movie were much more inflammatory than anything in the film. It pretty much just harps on the fact that beleif in "Darwinism" leads to atheism, and atheism is bad because the commies were atheists. Yeah, that's about all they had. Fuck it, it's a waste of time.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Now I'm a Painter!

Seeing as how I have lived in the same apartment for a year and a half and still have blank walls, I thought it was about time to do something about that, so I invited a friend over and we went and bought a bunch of painting supplies and painted pictures. What I learned is that I am a pretty decent artist. I now present to you my first painting ever. I call it "Mr. Plum's First Day of Work at the Toothpick Factory":


In case you are not a Netflix user, let me enlighten you with something cool they now have. For almost a year now they have been adding movies to their "Watch Instantly" section that you can watch streaming over the internet. The picture is pretty good, and it's a cool little addition, especially since you have unlimited access with no extra charge to your subscription. I just noticed that in the instant watch section they have added Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. You may remember DrX and I sending Ben Stein emails about this movie and comments he made promoting it, but, as far as I know, neither of us have watched it. Well, my goal is to watch it this weekend and post a movie review. This should be fun...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've got a problem with...

Here is the segment of the blog when Kevin drinks a bunch of vodka, goes to a random article on Wikipedia and bitches about whatever comes up. So, for the first installment, I've got a problem with Raymond Vieussens. So he thinks he's all special because he could accurately describe a human heart? Yeah, that's real tough. Oh, so he lived in the 1600s and was a pioneer in cardiology. Know who else was a pioneer in his feild? Hitler, that's who. Now, I'm not saying Raymond Vieussens is as bad as Hitler, I'm just saying that if he had lived in Nazi Germany, rather than 17th century France, he'd probably be Hitler. And I'm not even going to go into his penchant for having sex with sheep...

Should Joe Really Be Excited???

The Yankees made their 2nd move of the off-season today (the first was re-signing Marte to a 3 yr $12MM contract when he sucked last year) by trading for the great Nick Swisher. As you can read in the story below:

Nick Swisher had the worst batting average among MLB players with at least 500 AB's last year. THE WORST!!! "We're excited with the addition of Nick Swisher," Joe Girardi said in a statement released by the team. "We feel he has a ton of upside.

Ton of upside??? The guy is the worst hitter in the Majors! How can he not get any better. That's like saying I see a ton of upside in McDonald's cheeseburgers becoming healthier. They can't get any worse for you as it is.

Unfortunately the off-season has gotten off to a slow start for the Yankees and I don't see it getting any better. They'll overpay to get C.C. who in 2 years will weigh 300 pounds and be worse than Bartolo Colon (remember him? Yeah I barely do either).

At least the Redskins will destroy the Cowboys this week.

P.S. - Next week is the Kickball championship tournament. I know ya'll can't wait for updates, so check back next Friday. VIVA LA HOFF

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A call for help

Alright folks, I need an office and an apartment to film in while I'm up in Albany. Anyone have anything in the area for me? Also, if we do the majority of the filming the weekend after Christmas, who is going to be around to help me? I still need one actor and two actresses. Kris has shown a willingness to be one of the actresses, so I just need one more. Any of you guys have any hidden acting skills by any chance? 

Correction: I need two actors, two actresses and a dead monkey. One of the actresses has no lines, gets to dress like a hooker and play dead.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plum Story

I woke up one morning a few months ago and found a plum sitting on my bed. Just a single, solitary plum sitting there staring at me. I asked him what he was doing there, but he didn't answer. Plums have a way of doing that. I got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for work and the plum followed me. I tried to ignore it, but it was always there lurking. Ever since then the plum has been following me around. Sometimes I think it has gone away to bug someone else but it always shows back up. I've debated eating the plum, but I don't like the taste. I could try and pawn the plum off on someone else, but that would be unfair to them. So here I am, stuck with a goddamn plum following me around wherever I go and I wish I could get rid of it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Movie Reveiw

Every weekend I watch at least one movie, so it occurs to me maybe I should use the blog to review and recommend those films for all of you. Might as well give it a shot, eh? Anyways, this weekend I watched the film Mongol. It is a fairly new release and I had wanted to see it when it was out in theaters, but never found the motivation to find where it was playing and go see it. I'm kind of glad I didn't. Anyways, this film follows Ghengis Khan through his childhood to him uniting the Mongols. It was a very beatifully filmed movie, but totally didn't do it for me. 

The film was fairly slow moving, but it is easy to deal with, since it was a beautiful film. It's best quality, I think, was the time it took to show the beauty of the scenery the film took place in. My main problem with the film was that everything about it was ridiculously unrealistic. It had a spiritualist message that it constantly hit you over the head with, which really annoyed the hell out of me, and the battle sequences played more like a martial arts film then a non-fiction drama. Look, this wasn't a bad movie, and is worth watching, but these were just the little things that annoy me about it. So, I guess I would recommend this movie, but don't expect anything all that original or spectacular. It is a very pretty film, though, so get it on Blu-Ray if you have one and watch it on a big screen. 

So, what do y'all think? Should this be a regular thing?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


It looks like I live in a blue state: link
Just goes to show you what a wacky election this was. A black guy won the majority of votes in North Carolina. I guess all us transplanted yanks are doing something good down here. 

Something we all enjoy

And no I am not talking about a handjob. I am actually talking about Siena Men's basketball. Its getting to be about that time of year again. I've started to do some reasearch and the men are playing some tough temas this year. Games against ranked teams such as Tennessee, Georgetown, Pitt, Kansas and others await. But Siena was ranked #1 in the MAAC by the coaches and Kenny Hasbrook is the pre-season MVP. Also, College inside has ranked Siena #5 in the country among mid-major conferences and Kenny as the MVP of the mid-majors (although I think it'd be Stephen Curry). Also we got 13 points in the preseason top 25 poll.

I know its only pre-season rankings, but things look good this year and we can watch the Saints in teh tourney again in 2009 when we conviene in Houston. Let's Go Saints!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Someone has to comment on this...

...and it may as well be me. It has been official for a while now. Us American participants of this blog have a new president. Now, seeing as how I write on a blog, I must automatically assume that everyone needs my opinion on this, so here it is. Obviously, this was an historic election, as we finally break our streak of old white guys running our country. The way I figure it, this can't be a bad thing. Hopefully it will encourage a whole generation of minorities to become more involved in politics and push some of these cynical, greedy bastards out. So, what about Obama, specifically? Well, I'm really not sure. The past 8 years have really fucked things up royally, and I'm not sure how successful anyone could be in turning that around. I do like the guy, though. He seems to be genuinely intellectually honest and capable, but I'm afraid he's going to be under fire from the start and beaten down, with Republicans picking up some of their lost seats during the midterm election and sending us back into partisan inefficiency. Well, at least this election is a good sign that this country is finally becoming more socially progressive. And if a black man can get elected president, maybe one day an atheist can, too. Eh, who am I kidding? That ain't gonna happen in my lifetime.


Hello, is anyone out there??? I realize I do not post too often, but does anyone read this anymore? Does anyone other than Kevin take the time to make posts? And how about the Animal Survival Contest? That generated a ton of posts and replies. Let's get back to completing it. What is going on with you people?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The problem with pandas

Anyone have a small dining room table for me? I'll give you a magical rock for it that will grant you one wish. I wished for a pet talking panda, which was a very bad idea. Pandas may be cute, but they are mean little bastards. And you know what? They aren't that little, either. Now I have a 400 pound panda locked in my bathroom, yelling that he's going to rip out my throat and feast on my intestines. And he expects me to open the door for him? I figure another couple of days and the panda will be weak enough, from lack of food, for me to sneak in there and hit him in the head with a hammer. That leads to another problem, though. What do you do with the corpse of a talking panda? I'm thinking bbq