Friday, February 29, 2008

Texas-sized food for thought.....

I know I haven't posted in awhile, and might not again for awhile either (as long as my nemesis Mikey OOOO is posting), but I thought I would share this tidbit from Newsweek with you all.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ah, fuck it.

I got rear-ended by an illegal immigrant today. My car is pretty much ok, just a crack in the back bumper, strictly cosmetic. Kind of sucks, eh? What do you do when you get hit by someone without insurance, an ID and doesn't even speak English? Ah, fuck it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm not my own father

It's ridiculous! How could I possibly be my own father? I'd have to go back in time and impregnate my own mother. That's just wrong! I am totally against that. The sick bastards that think it's "cool" or "keen" to be their own father are sorely mistaken. Please, I urge you to contact your congressman and urge them to support proposition #18323432: The Protect America's Children Who Don't Want to Be Their Own Parent 'Cause That Would Just Be Weird and Awkward Act (PACWDWBTOWP'CTWJBWA Act). If we don't protect our children, who will?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now I'm a super-hero!

But my super power is kind of lame...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Musing

I love how at the beginning of previews for the movie "10,000 BC" it says "From the director of The Day After Tomorrow". Is that really something to brag about? The scary part is that none of Roland Emmerich's "films" have been much better than that. And yet, just like The Bay, he still gets ridiculous sums of money to make more shit-bombs and lower the collective IQ of the world. Thank you, Hollywood, for constantly promoting and rewarding mediocrity.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The elephant in the room

So, I am a bit huge fan of movies and commonly post on them. You might be wondering why I haven't mentioned the Oscars at all over these last few days. Well, I really don't give a fuck about them. They are almost unbearable to watch and it really doesn't matter to me who wins or not. I mean, Crash winning best picture? Really? Rocky wining over Taxi Driver? Awards are useless. Who really gives a fuck? People complain that they only nominate obscure art films for awards. I complain that they have a tendency to be swayed by popularity when picking winners. Million Dollar Baby? It was a pretty good movie, but I don't see how anyone could say it was the best one they saw that year. This post has just turned into another bitch session. Sorry about that. Anyways, I'm not watching the Oscars, but feel free to discuss them in this thread.

Motivational words for a lazy Sunday

You know what? You're the best around... nothings ever gonna keep you down. Just do what Daniel-san does. He's dreamy...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Movie Discussion

I thought I'd post this to a new thread rather than the comments in the Stalker thread. DrX describes the direction of Tarkovsky in Stalker as Kubrick-esque, and he is absolutely spot on. Both love the long, drawn out, beautiful shot, reminiscent of a painting, rather than a movie. The thing is, they were really of the same generation, and seemingly developed that style independently, which tells me they must had similar influences.

Now, thinking back, what other filmmakers have had that style that both Tarkovsky and Kubrick could have been imitating? Sergio Leone had a tendency of long lingering shots of both the landscape and of close-up faces, but he, too, is of that same generation. It's interesting to think about. Who could have been the influences for these three great directors to develop a style so similar to each other. I'm not too sure. I have some guesses, but what do you guys think? Can you find any interviews or quotes from these guys where they describe their influences?

Bachelor party

Danny is looking for suggestions for his bachelor party. After careful consideration I came up with 2 ideas.

1 - Drive to Boston. It has the Magic hat brewery, plenty of bars, the ocean, deep sea fishing, strip clubs and is drivable.

2 - New Orleans. We'd have to fly, but it might be cheap there to get tourists. Plenty of places to drink, don't need to drive anywhere, and whores.

Any other suggestions???

Beer and Jarage

Well I bought my first beerk making equipment and beer kit this week. Looking forward to making some beer for ya'll. My first attempt is a rasberry wheat, that I am hoping is ready for when I go to Raleigh. If there are any other suggestions for when we get together just give me 7 weeks heads up. The ony problem, is that I had to have them shipped to me. I really hope the infamous Jarage isn't there to steal my stuff.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Stalker discussion thread.

Because it kind of got buried, Kev mentioned the Russian film, Stalker, in the trivia post. Strangely, I have actually watched this film, with a Russian no less who was, ironically, a stalker. Same director as the original Solaris, if I remember correctly. Very interesting Kubrick-esque direction, though unnecessarily, ponderously slow in many, many places. Though that irritated me at the time, it stuck with me and in hindsight I realize I liked it, though I don't completely understand it all. What was with the ending? Could it be remade into a film watchable to Western audiences? (yes) Should it be? Discuss.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hooray for Blu-Ray!

It's official, Blu-Ray won the high definition DVD battle! Toshiba is giving up production of their HD DVD machines. Why do I care? Well, Blu-Ray players use a violet-blue laser to read data from a DVD, and that just so happens to be a market in which the company I work for has a chance to be a player. Go Blu-Ray! Make me rich!

Red Son

Thanks for the suggestion, DrX. Red Son was a pretty good comic with a great ending. Any other recommendations?

Oh boy, I'm pissed!

Last week I ordered some shirts form Old Navy. On Friday night I get home and there is an UPS slip on my door indicating that my package was dropped off at the rental office of my apartment complex, which was closed by then. On Saturday I go to the rental office and the package is not there. Sucks, eh? So I go online and see who signed for the package, which was someone named "Jarage". I call my rental office and they say there is nobody who works there by that name. So I call Old Navy and tell them. They say that they will get back to me. I then get this email:

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your e-mail. We have tracked the shipment of your order via UPS, and were informed that the package was delivered on February 15, 2008 with a signature of "Jarage". We hope this information is helpful. If you are unable to locate this package, we suggest contacting your issuing bank for information on disputing these charges. is unable to reship or refund any claim of a missing package that has been delivered, and signed for at the correct address.

If we may be of further assistance, please contact us via e-mail at or by calling 1-800-OLD-NAVY. Our Customer Service Consultants are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Mother fuckers! I hastily dash off this reply:

This package never was delivered to my apartment. I recieved a UPS slip on my door which said it was dropped off in my apartment complex's rental office. When I went to pick it up, the package was not there and the office has since told me that there is nobody working there who has a name anything like "Jarage". Does this matter at all?

The fact is, the package was not delivered to my apartment, or left at my apartment's door, or signed by anyone that has ever set foot in my apartment, or works for the apartment complex. Is anyone allowed to sign for a package, as long as they happen to be in the same apartment complex as the receiver's address, even if they don't live at that address or work there, or maybe even live there? This is not something that can be taken up with UPS?

Now, we wait and see. I can't believe that UPS is not responsible for this, since they had the package delivered. Who cares that it was delivered to some random "Jarage" who just happened to be around at the time. I guess I can dispute the charges through my credit card company, but I want UPS to pay. They are the fuckers in this.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Restaurant idea

I came up with a good idea for a restaurant. It can be a theme restaurant where the theme is Death Row. You could serve the last meals of famous Death Row inmates, with a short biography of each one in the menu. It'd probably work best in a state like Texas, and I bet it'd do pretty well. Who wants to give me money to do this?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

You probably missed this...

I doubt many people were actually watching the NBA All-Star 3 Point Contest on Saturday night, so you probably missed this conversation started by Reggie Miller:

I just enjoy hearing the word "titty" on national television.

DrX's Prize!

DrX had a correct answer (though not the one I was looking for) in the film trivia contest, so he gets a prize. He gets to be a Super Hero!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I learned today

1. Some guy named Jarage has the clothes I ordered, and is probably looking damned sexy. Fuck you Jarage! (if that is your real name...)

2. Most of my coworkers are much more conservative than I realized. I am also able to keep my mouth shut and not rant and rave when God is bought up in conversation. I'll ease them into my hatred of religion.

3. Hockey is pretty damned boring if you don't give a fuck about either of the teams playing.

4. I am able to eat a Taco Bell taco without puking!

5. Nobody knows the answer to my trivia question? If someone answers it, I'll draw you a picture of your choice and post it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Film trivia

There have been two movies that were at the time X-rated that have been nominated for Oscars. One actually won. Can you name those films? Winner gets a prize.

4 day work week

If I ever did run for president, I'd push for a 10 hour day, 4 day work week. If people could put all of their energy into 4 days, they would be so much more productive. And with more time to relax on the weekends, they could recharge much better. Plus you could get so much more done on your days off, since you had so many more. This is the platform I will be running on in 2032.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

A present for you. A love song:

I will be spending my Valentines Day night with my favorite person in the world (hint: it's me). Everyone have fun out there, and don't give in and spend too much money. Fuck commercialism, or something. I have a hard time ranting when I'm so damned tired.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Do you think if Batman ran for president he would win? I'm not talking about Bruce Wayne, I'm talking about Batman. Just some guy who fought crime in a bat suit. He obviously has the money to back a campaign, but would the whole vigilante thing work against him? Americans seem to like tough guys, though, so maybe that would help. Of course the Batman costume is black, so he would probably lose a majority of the bible belt states. How would Batman do in debates? Your utility belt can't help you in a verbal beatdown, Mr. Dark Knight! What super hero would have the best chance of becoming president?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Picture Time!

Everyone can agree, Hitler needed a good bitch slap!

Weekend Bits

I went to the Siena at Marist game on Friday night. I've rarely felt as confident at a close game as I did in this one. When our D plays that well, we can't be beat... I saw the box score for the Siena at Rider game yesterday. Anyone else realize Jason Thompson has had 2 20+ points 20+ rebounds games in 8 days against us. This is not a good thing for tourney time... Looks like Jim Zorn is the 'Skins new coach. So Jim Fassel endorses him for O-Cooridinator, and then gets by passed by him for the job. man that's tough... During Zorn's news conference to the media, he mentioned how his family is already decked out in Redskins colors "my whole family is here" Zorn said "And they are already dressed in the Redskins maroon and black colors". Note to Zorn - The Redskins team colors are maroon and gold. Things do not look good for my 'Skins... Finally, the Daytona 500 is Sunday. Get excited. Football may be over, but NASCAR is back baby. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

For your annoyment

Here is my last post translated into Spanish, then back to English using AltaVista's translation software:

I finish finding the most annoying station in the cable. Ovación is called TV and you probably obtain it, but never she has watched it. Why this station inhales important balls? Well, some great quite dark films in this channel play, including those by Fellini and Bergman. Delay, why that would aspire? Well, they literally have a commercial breakage every 10 minutes, does not matter what. This makes the any film unwatchable, even greatest. Then also they demonstrate only near a film to the day and the rest of the right time that demonstrate infomercials mainly.
I mean that I understand that the stations make their money to traverse of the announcements, but when your whole channel much as soon as she becomes enough announcements, you without embargo make the money? I mean, that would watch that channel? And if nobody clocks he, how they obtained to patrocinadores? I do not understand this station. It scares to me and it confuses. Also, they are demonstrating at the moment to Henry and June, that is a film NC17, but all the offensive pieces of course are corrected towards outside. Which is the excrement point? You are going to kill the film, not only with a ridiculous number of announcements, but cutting half of her towards outside? That strikes somebody like good plan of business? Command post of cogidá.

Rage and anger!

I just found the most annoying station on cable. It's called Ovation TV and you probably get it, but have never watched it. Why does this station suck major balls? Well, they play some great fairly obscure movies on this channel, including those by Fellini and Bergman. Wait, why would that suck? Well, they literally have a commercial break every 10 minutes, no matter what. This makes any movie unwatchable, even the greatest. Then they also only show about one movie a day and the rest of the time they show mostly just infomercials.
I mean I understand that stations make their money through commercials, but when your whole channel pretty much just becomes commercials, do you still make money? I mean, who would watch that channel? And if no one watches it, how do they get sponsors? I don't understand this station. It frightens and confuses me. Also, they are currently showing Henry and June, which is an NC17 movie, but all the offensive parts are of course edited out. What's the fucking point? You're going to slaughter the film, not only with a ridiculous number of commercials, but by cutting half of it out? That strikes someone as a good business plan? Fuck 'em.

Friday, February 8, 2008

What's in a name

So all week WFAN has spent their time either talking about the Suberbowl or what to name that crazy play. As someone who was not rooting for the Giants because I did not want to constantly hear about it, its getting rpetty annoying. Anyhow, I thought I'd provide a list of some of the names they cam e up with. Feel free to choose your favorite or add your own.

Catch 42
David and Eliath
Slip and Grip
The Houdini
The 10 85
Cactus Catch
Glendal Grab
The Play
Miracle in 42nd

And so many more bad ones I can't remember. What's your favorite or idea???

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I draw things

Last week I went and bought a sketchbook, thus taking up another hobby I will soon bore of. Anyways, my first page:

Office Space

Hello all. Great to be here. Lately I've been having a lot of Office Space type moments at work. Mostly consisting of pretending to be busy. So I'm here to spread some joy, thought provoking ideas, and another point of view. Enjoy

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A new poster!

Since both phishbone and drx are rare to contribute to this blog, I figure it wouldn't be too chaotic to add another poster. So, look for a post by a new guy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Next step: Robocop!

Check out this video of a prosthetic arm in developement by a group led by Dean Kamen (the Segway guy). Losing a limb was always one of my greatest fears in life, but in a few years, it might be kick ass. I want a robotic arm to crush all my enemies! As soon as they start selling them with rocket launchers built in, I'm getting one.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good guys win!

Giants Win!!

Kev seems to have passed out. So I'll post this.

Super Bowl! Second Half Thread!

10:09 What can I say? Giants win. Giants. Win. Super Bowl Champs.

Still 29 seconds and 3 timeouts for the Pats. I don't know about a TD, but a FG will tie it. First ever overtime in a Super Bowl? Maybe...


9:52 WHAT A FUCKING PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is getting fucking ugly!!! Come on!!!!!!

It's ok, we're last to get the ball. A TD will win it. I have faith in Eli. Win it for us, baby!

Wes Welker needs his leg broken. He's killing us.

Giants always make it hard on themselves. The Pats aren't going the rest of the game without scoring. We need another TD!

Wow! The Giants have a chance to put it away here! Defense is playing great! That's and understatement. The E*Trade baby is annoying as hell. DrX, look at not being to see the commercials as a good thing. They all suck.

Is James Carville really in a commercial? And did they actually try to pass him off as a democrat? I don't know which one is more sad. But I'm not sad, because the Giants are up 10-7, baby!!!!!


Kevin Fucking Boss! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! You do my name proud, buddy!

By the way, I've been yelling profanities louder and louder as the game has progressed, so don't be surprised if I disappear for a while and end up calling one of you guys for bail in a bit.

That was a quick quarter. Giants HAVE TO SCORE!!!!!!!! Put it away, you douchebags!

This is fucking ridiculous. The second play of the drive should have been intentional grounding and, thus, a safety. Refs seem to be favoring the Pats a bit here. Come on Giants! Crush these fuckers!

E*Trade is now encouraging underage trading of stocks and bulimia with their commercial. Good! Why not?

Well, we keep sucking when we get close. But a good punt by Feagles. The defense may have to score for us to win this game...

Great catch by Toomer for a first down despite getting hit early on the play. Giants are driving again! Gotta score!

I have not seen the Giants defense be this dominate all year. It is impressive. By the way, DrX, you may be the only person in the country listening to the Super Bowl on the radio. If you call in to the station, they may let you call a play or two!

Ugh.... Just gave New England the ball back. Awful. That may have cost the game.

Here's another post for the Super Bowl!

The Game Thread!

8:28 Per request I will start a new thread for the second half.

Well, DrX, the Giants are really beating the shit out of Tom Brady, but the Pats are moving the ball right now. Like I said, if the Giants stop them here, the game is theirs!

How is King of the Hill still on tv, but Futurama isn't? Seriously, who actually watches King of the Hill? Is there an actual audience for that show, or do they just employ many lovely ladies to give blow jobs to network executives? Too crude?

I'm gonna call it right now. If the Pats don't score on the first possession of the second half the Giants will win this game.

So, Tom Petty chose to start his show with a giant penis puncturing a heart. Works for me! By the way, it's half time and I'm on beer #7. I may finish this 12-pack by the end of the game! Would that be more impressive or sad?

7-3 at the half. We have to score some fucking points! At least the defense is beating the shit out of Brady. Now, the exciting half time show, featuring the young up and comer, Tom Petty! Hooray for safe, mediocre music!

I don't like how this game is going. It's not looking good for my Giants. Score some fucking points!!!! Also, how is Justin Timberlake as famous as he is? He seems like kind of a douche. And that Doritos commercial with the mouse may have been the best one of the night. I'm willing to call it right now.

How does Carlos Mencia get away with being a racist unfunny hack of a joke stealing comic and still make money? I don't get it.

I will never be drinking Life Water and I will start abusing prescription drugs due to those commercials.

Big stop!!! We still have a chance! We made them punt! I'm halfway through my 12-pack, so if the spelling and grammar begins to decrease dramatically, you'll know why.

All I have to say is: fuck...

I went to to watch the Danica Patrick ad, so you don't have to. It was lame, and there was no nudity. Nice catch Toomer!!!!

Did I mention that I hate the fucking Patriots? Where's DrX at?

End of the 1st quarter. Looking for a big goal line stand, reminiscent of the '86 Super Bowl when the Giants turned the game around with a stuff of the Broncos. Will this happen again? No, probably not. Damn you Belichick!

OK, not a bad start. Good guys are up. Moved the ball well. I'm close to being drunk. The night has a good start. And I will never drink Diet Pepsi Max just because of that commercial. Ah, and a racist commercial from Great.

Lame commercial, but hooray for Audi for using LEDs on their cars! Keep it up and make me rich, car companies!

Alright! The Pats are already falling on the ground and crying like babies. And now we get to see the first set of commercials. Yay?

The crowd confuses me. Who are they cheering for? I like my crowds to be binary. Either cheer for one team or the other. The Super Bowl crowd makes me cry. There must only be two options! You are either good or evil!

Wow, the Giants actually took the field! With all the talk I figured they would surrender at the coin toss.

Damn! Chris Meyers is wearing a blue tie, I just lost 10 grand!

Giants win the toss! I just won 8 grand!

About 5 minutes from kickoff and the Pats haven't scored yet. We have a chance!

Jordan Sparks gets a pass, because her father was the man. He was on some god-awful teams, though. Good pace on the national anthem. Not too fancy and annoying. Let's go Giants!!!!

Every year I'm confused as to when the much vaunted Super Bowl commercials start. Do they start with the game, or do they start at the pre-game? Am I suppose to be impressed by these commercials? Let me know when I am suppose to be whipped into a consumer frenzy.

The Patriots took the field to "Crazy Train". They couldn't have thought of a more motivational song? Is Crazy Train really putting out the message that you want?

DrX, you find a place to watch the game?

Fish, there's still time to come up with a bet for the game. Any ideas?

Well, I'm 5 beers and about 50 pizza rolls in for the day. Pizza rolls fucking kick ass! I bet I could eat 100. That's a new challenge that I may try next. So, I hear there is a football game on today.

It's starting in just half an hour! Go Giants!

Super Sunday Pre-Game Blog!

Hi everyone! I am starting my live blogging experience a little early. I figure I should start when all of the pregame nonsense starts. I'll start a new post when the game is about to start, but for now, welcome to my pre-game live blogging of fun excitement happy time! Feel free to leave comments!

12:05 See, this is how it'll work. Anytime I post something new I'll put the time I wrote it, followed by my witty remarks. Yay!

Just saw the first commercial of the day featuring a Manning. The over/under on this for the day is 5,324. Any takers?

ESPN is showing a little piece on Bill Belichick's navy guy father, and they interview Bill Belichick during it. No big deal, right? Well, he just happens to have a giant cold sore on his upper lip. Hahaha, Belichick has herpes! Herpes-man! Can't they cover that thing up with make-up?

12:15 Ok, there are still over 6 hours to go until the game starts, so I'm gonna start pacing myself with the comments. I also still have to go buy some beer, so I'll be back to post later.

1:31 Just went to the grocery store with my Giants jersey on (Phil Simms baby!) and I'm pretty sure I saw Belichick videotaping me the whole time. Damn you Belichick! Damn you! Also, kickoff is probably around 6:30 depending on the length of all the bullshit. It may actually start tomorrow.

1:36 The difference between Giants fans and Pats fans: Pats fans dress their dogs in a Pats jersey and takes them to games. A Giants fan gets drunk before the game even starts and forgets that they bought the dog with them until they get back to the car after the game and find it frozen solid. Then they laugh and eat babies. That's right! Us Giants fans are evil!

1:51 You're probably wondering what I have to eat for Super Bowl Sunday. Well, let me tell ya. I have some nachos and cheese, some cheddar & sour cream chips, some pizza rolls, and I'm currently making some bacon cheese burgers with onion rolls. I also have some mac&cheese
if I so choose. And my drink of choice? I have a 12-pack of Newcastle. Let the gluttony and drunkenness begin!

2:26 When I think of football, the first name that comes to mind is Ryan Seacrest. Good thing Fox got him to interview the "celebrities and musicians" as they enter the stadium! Who cares about the game? There are celebrities around! Maybe Paris Hilton will show her vagina!

2:57 Frank Caliendo still isn't funny.

3:16 There's a red carpet for celebrities entering the stadium. Yeah, great, because this is all about them. By the way, Larry Fishburne is pretty fat right now. And holy shit, the Fox pregame may be the worst 5 hours of television ever recorded. I need more beer.

3:33 When my beard starts to go gray, will I shave it, dye it, or let it be? This is a question that haunts me at night...

3:38 Who the fuck is Sara Evans, and I thought Willie Nelson was dead. I kid! Willie is alright in my book. Good thing they let him play for an entire forty seconds before getting back to Seacrest. And seriously, who the fuck is Sara Evans?

3:50 Fox has a business channel? Let me guess how it goes: "Economy is fine! It's going great! Everything is good! But, if you elect a democrat to office, not only are we all going to be slaughtered by terrorists, but the stock market will collapse and the Japanese will buy our country and force us all to eat raw fish!"

3:54 Hugh Laurie is in the wrong place. He's too damn classy for this pregame. I'm not being sarcastic. He actually seems like a really cool guy.

4:11 Once again, Frank Caliendo is still not funny.

4:20 You kids like to party?

4:22 Paula Abdul is really bad at lip syncing. There are still two hours until the game and I've
already lost my will to live. Maybe some pizza rolls will help...

4:35 Pizza rolls did help. Better than Valium!

4:50 Carlos Mencia is doing another commercial? Are you fucking kidding me? How long before that no talent hack finally can't find any more work? Is Dane Cook gonna be in a commercial, too? I can only hope.

4:59 I don't know if it's just the pants and camera angle, but Alicia Keys seems to have the hips of an 800 pound woman. That kind of freaks me out. This is probably better than any other musical act that will be on tonight, giant destroyer of planet hips and all. By the way, how do they determine who gets to be on the field during the musical acts? Are they chosen from the stands, or are they only there for the musical act, then they get kicked out? Hopefully they get kicked out. They seem like assholes. All of them.

5:06 John Travolta is at the game. Seacrest should ask him about Scientology. That should be the subject of every interview all of those Scientology asshats do from now on. Let the people know their fucking insane ideas.

5:15 Oh fuck! It just dawned on me that I have to listen to fucking Joe Buck for this entire game. God dammit! I hate that motherfucker!

5:25 Pam Oliver, I love ya, but a leopard print shirt on the day of the biggest game of the year? Really?

5:30 Ok, I just realized that I commented on the fashion choice of a sideline reporter on Super Bowl Sunday. Now, to compensate I have to do something manly, like take a shot of whiskey while riding a horse through a bunch of cactus while having sex with a Russian whore. I'll get on that.

5:58 Wow, I didn't think it was possible, but I now hate The Declaration of Independence. Come back Britain! I'm going to start a new post now for the Super Bowl, which may start today.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Super Bowl!

Seeing as how I have been a Giants fan since I could walk, I think I will let you all see the dark side of Kevin that is revealed from watching the Giants play on tv. I am going to live blog the Super Bowl! So, if you get bored watching the game, come on over and get my profanity laced commentary. Or, just check it out after the game and re-live all the excitement and mass consumerism of Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe getting all my anger out on the blog will keep me from breaking my tv.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A gentlemen's wager

Phisbone and I are trying to come up with a good wager for the Super Bowl. Any ideas?