Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I learned today

1. Some guy named Jarage has the clothes I ordered, and is probably looking damned sexy. Fuck you Jarage! (if that is your real name...)

2. Most of my coworkers are much more conservative than I realized. I am also able to keep my mouth shut and not rant and rave when God is bought up in conversation. I'll ease them into my hatred of religion.

3. Hockey is pretty damned boring if you don't give a fuck about either of the teams playing.

4. I am able to eat a Taco Bell taco without puking!

5. Nobody knows the answer to my trivia question? If someone answers it, I'll draw you a picture of your choice and post it.


Mikey OOO said...

I thought the hockey game would be more exctinig. Especially 5-4 victory. Looks like the Hurricanes are out of town when I am there. I ate Mac & cheese twice in the last two months and I think it's a record low for me.

kevthegreat said...

Yeah, it was a good game, I guess. I just really didn't get into the rooting since I don't care about either team, or hockey in general.