Saturday, February 9, 2008

For your annoyment

Here is my last post translated into Spanish, then back to English using AltaVista's translation software:

I finish finding the most annoying station in the cable. Ovación is called TV and you probably obtain it, but never she has watched it. Why this station inhales important balls? Well, some great quite dark films in this channel play, including those by Fellini and Bergman. Delay, why that would aspire? Well, they literally have a commercial breakage every 10 minutes, does not matter what. This makes the any film unwatchable, even greatest. Then also they demonstrate only near a film to the day and the rest of the right time that demonstrate infomercials mainly.
I mean that I understand that the stations make their money to traverse of the announcements, but when your whole channel much as soon as she becomes enough announcements, you without embargo make the money? I mean, that would watch that channel? And if nobody clocks he, how they obtained to patrocinadores? I do not understand this station. It scares to me and it confuses. Also, they are demonstrating at the moment to Henry and June, that is a film NC17, but all the offensive pieces of course are corrected towards outside. Which is the excrement point? You are going to kill the film, not only with a ridiculous number of announcements, but cutting half of her towards outside? That strikes somebody like good plan of business? Command post of cogidá.

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Mikey OOO said...

haha. This actually sounds like a fun game to try. We can do all different kinds of languages