Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Bits

I went to the Siena at Marist game on Friday night. I've rarely felt as confident at a close game as I did in this one. When our D plays that well, we can't be beat... I saw the box score for the Siena at Rider game yesterday. Anyone else realize Jason Thompson has had 2 20+ points 20+ rebounds games in 8 days against us. This is not a good thing for tourney time... Looks like Jim Zorn is the 'Skins new coach. So Jim Fassel endorses him for O-Cooridinator, and then gets by passed by him for the job. man that's tough... During Zorn's news conference to the media, he mentioned how his family is already decked out in Redskins colors "my whole family is here" Zorn said "And they are already dressed in the Redskins maroon and black colors". Note to Zorn - The Redskins team colors are maroon and gold. Things do not look good for my 'Skins... Finally, the Daytona 500 is Sunday. Get excited. Football may be over, but NASCAR is back baby. Enjoy!!!

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kevthegreat said...

I may have to revoke your posting privileges if you are going to post anything about NASCAR...