Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rage and anger!

I just found the most annoying station on cable. It's called Ovation TV and you probably get it, but have never watched it. Why does this station suck major balls? Well, they play some great fairly obscure movies on this channel, including those by Fellini and Bergman. Wait, why would that suck? Well, they literally have a commercial break every 10 minutes, no matter what. This makes any movie unwatchable, even the greatest. Then they also only show about one movie a day and the rest of the time they show mostly just infomercials.
I mean I understand that stations make their money through commercials, but when your whole channel pretty much just becomes commercials, do you still make money? I mean, who would watch that channel? And if no one watches it, how do they get sponsors? I don't understand this station. It frightens and confuses me. Also, they are currently showing Henry and June, which is an NC17 movie, but all the offensive parts are of course edited out. What's the fucking point? You're going to slaughter the film, not only with a ridiculous number of commercials, but by cutting half of it out? That strikes someone as a good business plan? Fuck 'em.

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