Friday, February 15, 2008

4 day work week

If I ever did run for president, I'd push for a 10 hour day, 4 day work week. If people could put all of their energy into 4 days, they would be so much more productive. And with more time to relax on the weekends, they could recharge much better. Plus you could get so much more done on your days off, since you had so many more. This is the platform I will be running on in 2032.


kevthegreat said...

I really do like that idea, but I'm sure I'd still get screwed over. I work 10 hours a day now, but for 5 days a week, and the occasional weekend. If it was a 4 day work week, would that mean I have to work 12.5 hour days? That would suck. Being a salary employee bites. I want overtime.

Mikey OOO said...

Salary does suck. Welcome to my world for the last 5 years. Occasionally though, it has its benefits

kevthegreat said...

Oh, I'm used to it. I was salary at my last job, too. That's what I get for being a super duper scientist. If you become president can you give me Guam?