Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Game Thread!

8:28 Per request I will start a new thread for the second half.

Well, DrX, the Giants are really beating the shit out of Tom Brady, but the Pats are moving the ball right now. Like I said, if the Giants stop them here, the game is theirs!

How is King of the Hill still on tv, but Futurama isn't? Seriously, who actually watches King of the Hill? Is there an actual audience for that show, or do they just employ many lovely ladies to give blow jobs to network executives? Too crude?

I'm gonna call it right now. If the Pats don't score on the first possession of the second half the Giants will win this game.

So, Tom Petty chose to start his show with a giant penis puncturing a heart. Works for me! By the way, it's half time and I'm on beer #7. I may finish this 12-pack by the end of the game! Would that be more impressive or sad?

7-3 at the half. We have to score some fucking points! At least the defense is beating the shit out of Brady. Now, the exciting half time show, featuring the young up and comer, Tom Petty! Hooray for safe, mediocre music!

I don't like how this game is going. It's not looking good for my Giants. Score some fucking points!!!! Also, how is Justin Timberlake as famous as he is? He seems like kind of a douche. And that Doritos commercial with the mouse may have been the best one of the night. I'm willing to call it right now.

How does Carlos Mencia get away with being a racist unfunny hack of a joke stealing comic and still make money? I don't get it.

I will never be drinking Life Water and I will start abusing prescription drugs due to those commercials.

Big stop!!! We still have a chance! We made them punt! I'm halfway through my 12-pack, so if the spelling and grammar begins to decrease dramatically, you'll know why.

All I have to say is: fuck...

I went to to watch the Danica Patrick ad, so you don't have to. It was lame, and there was no nudity. Nice catch Toomer!!!!

Did I mention that I hate the fucking Patriots? Where's DrX at?

End of the 1st quarter. Looking for a big goal line stand, reminiscent of the '86 Super Bowl when the Giants turned the game around with a stuff of the Broncos. Will this happen again? No, probably not. Damn you Belichick!

OK, not a bad start. Good guys are up. Moved the ball well. I'm close to being drunk. The night has a good start. And I will never drink Diet Pepsi Max just because of that commercial. Ah, and a racist commercial from Great.

Lame commercial, but hooray for Audi for using LEDs on their cars! Keep it up and make me rich, car companies!

Alright! The Pats are already falling on the ground and crying like babies. And now we get to see the first set of commercials. Yay?

The crowd confuses me. Who are they cheering for? I like my crowds to be binary. Either cheer for one team or the other. The Super Bowl crowd makes me cry. There must only be two options! You are either good or evil!

Wow, the Giants actually took the field! With all the talk I figured they would surrender at the coin toss.

Damn! Chris Meyers is wearing a blue tie, I just lost 10 grand!

Giants win the toss! I just won 8 grand!

About 5 minutes from kickoff and the Pats haven't scored yet. We have a chance!

Jordan Sparks gets a pass, because her father was the man. He was on some god-awful teams, though. Good pace on the national anthem. Not too fancy and annoying. Let's go Giants!!!!

Every year I'm confused as to when the much vaunted Super Bowl commercials start. Do they start with the game, or do they start at the pre-game? Am I suppose to be impressed by these commercials? Let me know when I am suppose to be whipped into a consumer frenzy.

The Patriots took the field to "Crazy Train". They couldn't have thought of a more motivational song? Is Crazy Train really putting out the message that you want?

DrX, you find a place to watch the game?

Fish, there's still time to come up with a bet for the game. Any ideas?

Well, I'm 5 beers and about 50 pizza rolls in for the day. Pizza rolls fucking kick ass! I bet I could eat 100. That's a new challenge that I may try next. So, I hear there is a football game on today.

It's starting in just half an hour! Go Giants!


phishbone23 said...

Go Bills!!!

kevthegreat said...

Wide right! Ohhhhh, too bad...

phishbone23 said...

Does strahan wear that breathe right strip to keep from snoring???

phishbone23 said...

Lookin forward to House!!

phishbone23 said...

i just saw a guy with a camera on the Pats sideline...

phishbone23 said...

that audi commercial was pretty good the reference!

phishbone23 said...

The terminator kicking Cleatus' ass was a good touch...

phishbone23 said...

not gonna fall for the ad

phishbone23 said...

glad tom petty did the was watchable for once.

DrX said...

I have given up on the internets. Apparently, we don't live in the 20th century as I'm completely unable to find a Superbowl stream that isn't shit, or in English. I could watch it in Chinese, but come on.

I have resorted to AM radio. Yay, stone-age technology.

So, feel free to be descriptive.

And Go Giants!

kevthegreat said...

Yeah, if you're into penises fucking hearts...

kevthegreat said...

DrX, you try the Sopcast feeds on Sopcast is a pretty sweet program. No spyware or anything if you download it from their site. I used it all season for Giants games.

DrX said...

Yeah, I tried three different programs, including SopCast. There are only a few English streams, and they're all flooded. I can watch one or two, but it's not worth it as they stutter or rebuffer every 20 seconds or so. Too annoying. I'll listen and blog.

DrX said...

New post? This one is getting long...

DrX said...

The commercials on AM radio are not nearly so involved. Surprisingly liberal too, on this particular station. I heard an anti-animal experimentation spot, and one for adoption that wasn't blatantly anti-abortion. I thought AM had been completely given over to the rightwingnuts?

kevthegreat said...

New post has been created!

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