Monday, October 8, 2012

Possible Boy Names

I was just thinking about some great names for a baby, for some reason... Anyways, I'll start with some boy names I've got (feel free to make suggestions in the comments):

Barron - Even better if you make the middle name "Von"
Barbarian - Who's going to pick on the kid named barbarian? Kids who like their skull crushed with a war ax, that's who.
Dude - Why not? Maybe a little lazy, but it works.
Private - Get the kid used to a military academy from birth!
Cletus - I'm not above naming my kid after cartoon characters.
Chief - Works on multiple levels...
Dandy - Would work best if I went the extra mile and made the kid constantly wear powdered wigs and Victorian clothing.

I reserve the right to continually update this list.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Brain-trust, Assemble!

This is evidently a potential human growing in my girlfriend's body... I guess that there is a small chance it's an alien or a a human/chicken hybrid or something, but most likely just a human. Where's my brain-trust at??? Help!