Thursday, November 20, 2008

Late night delusional story time

There was a boy who had an abnormal fascination for a table. The boy's love for the table was not returned to him, since everyone knows that tables are incapable of love. The boy didn't care, however. The love he had for the table was his, and he wouldn't give it up for anything. One day someone came and took the table away and the boy was very sad at first, but then realized that the table didn't have to be there at all. What he was really in love with was the feeling the table gave him. Just thinking of the table back to when he loved it was enough to get him through tough times. The love the boy had was truly selfish, but maybe all love is. But the table never cared. 


kevthegreat said...

Morale of the story: I need a dining room table for Thanksgiving.

DrX said...

You could always do it picnic style.

phishbone23 said...

i definitely identify with that story....never underestimate the power of a good table.