Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Someone has to comment on this...

...and it may as well be me. It has been official for a while now. Us American participants of this blog have a new president. Now, seeing as how I write on a blog, I must automatically assume that everyone needs my opinion on this, so here it is. Obviously, this was an historic election, as we finally break our streak of old white guys running our country. The way I figure it, this can't be a bad thing. Hopefully it will encourage a whole generation of minorities to become more involved in politics and push some of these cynical, greedy bastards out. So, what about Obama, specifically? Well, I'm really not sure. The past 8 years have really fucked things up royally, and I'm not sure how successful anyone could be in turning that around. I do like the guy, though. He seems to be genuinely intellectually honest and capable, but I'm afraid he's going to be under fire from the start and beaten down, with Republicans picking up some of their lost seats during the midterm election and sending us back into partisan inefficiency. Well, at least this election is a good sign that this country is finally becoming more socially progressive. And if a black man can get elected president, maybe one day an atheist can, too. Eh, who am I kidding? That ain't gonna happen in my lifetime.


BG said...

I hope he is known in the future for being more than just the first black president.

DrX said...

I'd be quite content to have a president who ISN'T remembered for much.

If Clinton had avoided those Oval Office blowjobs, he'd probably be remembered basically just as a good steward of the country. Economy picked up, a few social service tweaks, minor wars here and there that went well and got finished quickly with minimal American blood shed. Nothing hugely dramatic or major really got accomplished, except for the impeachment.

Bush, he'll be remembered. 9/11. Starting and losing two massively expensive wars, which he can't seem to fucking end. Great Depression II. $7,000,000,000,000 in debt. Dramatic redistribution of wealth away from the middle class and to the wealthy, the long-term effects of which we're only beginning to comprehend. Environmental pillaging by removing pretty much every regulation he could get away with. Quadrupling of oil prices. Doubling of food prices. Wholesale destruction of civil rights, and ignoring the few that he didn't fuck with, at least on par with what happened during the Civil War. Politicization of national scientific research agendas. The Unitary executive theory. The Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war. North Korea gets the bomb. Iran is a dominant power in the middle east. New Orleans is destroyed. The Pentagon paying journalists and commentators to push propaganda. A willing and eager shift of the Republican party toward anti-intellectualism.

And these are just the biggies, the ones that will have a long-term effect on the country.

I kind of hope that 100 years from now Obama IS just known as the first black president.

Kris said...

Actually some believe that Abraham Lincoln was an Atheist.

Kris said...

I agree with Dr. X that the good presidents have a tendency to be overlooked because they lack drama (except for the random BJ of course). I hope the Obama does not have drama pushed upon him (there is bound to be some, but hopefully we can avoid Bush levels of drama).

I think that what the president is supposed to be has been somewhat forgotten over the last eight years, but Dr.X put it wonderfully when he said that a good president is "basically just ... a good steward of the country" I hope we can move back towards that.

kevthegreat said...

You know, I think Obama's presidency will very much be linked with Bush's monstrosity of a presidency. If he leaves office with the country out of this clusterfuck, then he will be seen as a great president for cleaning up that mess. If things get worse and he's a one-termer he'll be seen as another Herbert Hoover. We are in a time of crisis, seeing as how we are involved in two wars and an economic depression, so I don't see Obama being remembered as just a black president or a steward of the country. We'll see how the country goes over the next few years, but if he can turn things around, Obama may find his face on Mt. Rushmore, assuming they have enough stone to carve out the ears...

Megan said...

I disagree that good presidents aren't remembered for their deeds. Other than the Lewinski mess, I'll remember Clinton FOR BALANCING THE BUDGET AND GETTING THE NATION OUT OF DEBT. Remember when we weren't in debt at all, instead of A TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT??? The whole idea the conservatives are better for the country financially is complete hogwash....

DrX said...

Check your facts Megan. We were never out of debt under Clinton. Had a budget surplus, yes, and were theoretically on our way out of debt (paid back about $1 trillion), but we never dipped below $5 trillion in debt.

That's not to say that conservatives practice what they preach though. Debt always skyrockets under Republicans. Mostly because they love to start big wars and give big tax breaks.

And, by the way, we are currently over $10.5 trillion in debt.

Anonymous said...

I like him, and it's good change for this country. But I do believe he's going to be shot before he's through.

phishbone23 said... about a blog killer.

becky said...

I may have to disagree with your point that he's something other than an old white guy. If anything, he's polynesian..

kevthegreat said...

Wait, did someone threaten to kill the president on my blog?

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