Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cautiously Optimistic

Ok, so they Yankees have now won 4 in a row and had a nice comeback against a struggling Angels team with a new closer. They are 13-10 and are 3.5 games ahead of Tampa, 1 game behind Boston & 2 behind Toronto (but they don't matter anyway).

So as a Yankee fan, I feel pretty good at this point. As the Kentucky Derby approaches later, I am thinking of horse racing and how it relates to the MLB season. Right now the Yankees are jockying in position trying to get to a good place at the quarter post. And I feel pretty good about it. We're staying right with the other teams, which after the last few seasons is a big improvement. We survived a big sprint by Boston (winning 11 in a row), a slow start by Texeira (BA: .189), but we're still right there.

At the same time, its kind of sad that a 13-10 start actually has me optimistic. I mean its really not that great of a record. Boston luckily, was 2-6 before their winning streak. Is this has really what it has come down to for a Yankee fan??? Mediocre? Really, Really???

Yes we are in the race and yes things look good even for a wildcard with a lot of good, but not great teams in the AL. But shouldn't we expect more? Not even just as Yankee fans, but as someone that can't even find a ticket for less than $150 available anywhere??? I mean apparently we should never lose because our payroll is so high. And it fucking better well be that way. If I can't afford to go to the game, they still have to look good on my HD.

Well that's my morning rant. Got a nice little Saturday planned. A lil' Kohl's, Fishkill Tire, maybe even a little kickball birthday celebration if we're feeling crazy. Oh and if you want to be my friend, sign-up for Facebook motherfuckers!!!

I'M OUT!!!

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