Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our media sucks

Here's a very comprehensive blog post about the state of American media over the past 8 years from Glen Greenwald on I highly recommend reading that blog regularly. Just click the "enter Salon" link on the top right of the screen once you click that link.


DrX said...

Yeah, Glenn Greenwald is probably the best political commentator out there. He always has a piece worth reading.

I am a liberal-leaning independent who has voted Repub almost as often as Dem. But in the wake of disaster after disaster, how Bush or any Republican who stands with him (which as far as I can tell is nearly all of them) still has an approval rating above 20% astounds me. Seriously, who are these fucktards that think he's doing what's right for this country?

I'm hopeful that as the Bush crapfest winds down over the next few months that the press is finally waking up and realizing its singular role in enabling our national fucking nightmare. Of course, this will happen just in time to give a Democratic-led administration and legislature a really, really hard time. Yay.

DrX said...

And in any case, what that piece is really saying is that many/most major news organizations are too easily influenced by their corporate owners. Rules on corporate media ownership need to change, in a big way.

Go get your news from more independent sources, though I don't know what those are right now. NPR and the BBC do pretty well, though they weren't terribly critical of the war either. Don't ever watch Fox news, maybe boycott their sponsors. MSNBC is slowly transmogrifying into the liberal Fox because they're getting ratings by doing so, which is just as stupid and dangerous, though perhaps a welcome balancing for the time being. Television news probably needs to dramatically change or die, in the long run.

kevthegreat said...

You know, I would normally love the idea of the media giving the Democratic-led administration and legislature a really, really hard time. I consider myself a liberal guy, but I still have a complete lack of trust in the Democrats. Maybe not as much as the Repubs, but still. The problem is, the media's idea of giving a politician a hard time has nothing to do with criticizing their policies or political motives, but rather focusing on completely irrelavent personal issues, like their prowess for bowling, or what their preacher says, or whether they are "eliteist". Our whole entire mainstream political media has turned into paparazi. I hope it does die, sooner than later.

phishbone23 said...

Sorry guys, I refuse to read anything written by a person whose initials exhibit alliteration. It's just a thing with me.