Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yay! It's massive depression time!

Hey, you guys and gals want to read something that will depress/enrage/make you sick to the stomach? Of course you do! Read this article from The Guardian. If, for some reason, you don't want to be sent into a fit of near comatose depression, I'll sum up the story for you. There's this young 17 year old girl in Iraq. She developes a crush on a British soldier. Her father finds out she's been talking to the soldier and, as any good, god fearing father would do, beats her, strangles her and stabs her to death with the help of his sons in front of the crying mother. Well, at least he was punished, right? Nope. The police agree that he did the right thing. But at least he has to live with the remorse of killing his only daughter, right?

For Abdel-Qader Ali there is only one regret: that he did not kill his daughter at birth. 'If I had realised then what she would become, I would have killed her the instant her mother delivered her,' he said with no trace of remorse.

Yeah... The article has lots of choice quotes from this guy, like this:

'I have only two boys from now on. That girl was a mistake in my life. I know God is blessing me for what I did,' he said, his voice swelling with pride. 'My sons are by my side, and they were men enough to help me finish the life of someone who just brought shame to ours.'

And this:

'I have alerted my two sons. They will have the same end [as Rand] if they become contaminated with any gay relationship. These crimes deserve death - death in the name of God,' he said.

But Ben Stein told me atheistic Darwinist scientists were responsible for all the evil in this world...

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