Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And now I'm gone

I know I have been neglecting the blog lately, but I have got a lot done at work and in planning my upcoming potential film. Who knew there was so much work in making even a 5 minute movie? It's still definitely fun, though. I may want to do this more often. Anyone want to pay me to do this for a living? Anyways, I'm leaving early tomorrow afternoon to go to a wedding in Vermont. Mikey and phishbone will be there also, so the blog will be even more dead than it has been. When I get back I'll try to make more of an effort to post on a more regular schedule. It looks like I may be starting to work the night leg of a split shift at work, which means less distraction from my coworkers and boredom on my part. That is conducive to more blog posts, but not so much of a happy Kevin. Anyways, everyone have a great week and weekend!

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phishbone23 said...

Don't most great film makers have a graveyard shift experience somewhere in their backgrounds?