Thursday, October 18, 2007

Could it be I'm just getting old?

I just stumbled upon VH1 tonight which had on an old "Unplugged" concert of Alice in Chains, so I started watching it. Now, back in the day, I never was much of an Alice fan, but I wouldn't change the channel if they came on. Anyways, listening to it now, I start to yearn for those old days and I'm afraid I'm turning in to a cranky old man bitching about the music those damn kids listen to today. So, I ask all of you, is popular music today much more shitty than it was 15 years ago? I mean, I don't really like any modern bands. The great thing about the internet is that I can constantly discover new great bands from previous decades. It's better than waiting for the radio or MTV to tell me who I should be listening to. Anyways, I'm sure there is good modern music out there that I'm missing out on, but I know it isn't popular music, because that is all shit, and I'm too busy scouring the 70s for punk bands I like to search anything modern out. But if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Get me back into the now! Find me some good bands to listen to!

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kevthegreat said...

Thanks for all the suggestions... Why do I bother?