Sunday, October 14, 2007

Watchin' Movies

I just watched 28 Weeks Later last night, and it was pretty good. I really liked 28 Days Later, and I was worried when I found out that Danny Boyle wasn't directing the sequel, but it was rather well done and followed the premise of the first well. Now, I know these aren't zombie flicks, exactly. The "zombies" in these movies are actually people infected with some virus that causes them to go crazy with rage. Otherwise they are still very much human, and can die just like a normal person, it's just that they really don't feel pain because they are so consumed with an animal urge to kill everything. They don't kill each other, though. So what's up with that? I could understand the Romero zombie movies, where the zombies don't attack each other, since they crave the flesh of the living, not the dead. But in these movies, why wouldn't two infected people try to rip each other apart?

Also, after the breakout in the second movie the infected seem to run around aimlessly a lot. Now, this has to use up a lot of energy. Do the infected ever sleep? I would think they would burn themselves out really quick if they were just running around looking for people to eat nonstop. What would the life span of someone who is infected be? A week? A month? Do they eat animals besides people? Why do they eat people, anyways? Can cannibalism be caused by overwhelming rage? I wouldn't think that would be a symptom. I mean, how many murders actually result in cannibalism? Even if someone is really angry and kills from rage, they don't then eat the person.

I know, I know, it's just a movie. I find it a pretty fun premise, though, and think it could stand to be fleshed out a bit more. But anyways, watch the movies if you haven't already.


DrX said...

Well, wasn't the Rage virus supposed to be a weapon? So, maybe it would make sense to design your weaponized virus so that the infected wouldn't kill each other, and would cause the most havoc to the people around them. And in that case, yeah, you'd want them to burn out very fast so the disease didn't spread to your own people. Maybe they hadn't developed that part yet. In a military situation, you'd have to somehow contain the area you were going to attack with the virus, release it, let the enemy kill themselves, then go in with biosuits/armor and clean up the infected remaining "alive", or let them burn themselves out. If you wanted the infrastructure, then you'd have to design a virus that wasn't viable outside of a host after a short duration of time.

I haven't seen the second one. I thought the infected were implied to be pretty much all dead at the end of the first one? I guess that depends on which ending you take to be cannon... (weren't there three on the DVD?) I'll put it in my NetFlix queue.

phishbone23 said...

If I had the virus, I'd be more pissed off at the people without the virus, so I would eat them first....with those stupid smiling non-viral faces!