Friday, October 19, 2007

The problem with Omnipotence

What is the point of prayer? By praying to god you are trying to bring something to his/her/its attention, right? But if god is omnipotent why would he need things bought to his attention? He/she/it is all knowing and all seeing, so why are you wasting your time? He/she/it would already know, so don't bother saying you're praying for me. It's a hollow gesture.

Also, being all knowing, god would know the whole course of your life before you are born. He/she/it would know everything you do and say and think for infinity before you do. So how can you say that god has given us free will? In his/hers/its eyes, our life has already played out and we are just going through the motions. That's pretty friggin depressing. And if that's true, what is the point of this life? If god already knows how your life is going to play out before you even come into existence, then he also knows if you are worthy for heaven or if you should be damned to hell. Why delay the inevitable, then? Why wouldn't there just be an afterlife with no real life? This life would be completely pointless. Damn that's depressing. I guess it's a good thing I'm not religious.


phishbone23 said...

I got that omnipotence thing a couple nights ago....It happens to all guys at some point!

kevthegreat said...

I'm serious man, how can people reconcile this kind of stuff? It's obvious from the stories in both the OT and NT that God is not omnipotent, but every version of Christianity, that I know, claims he is. It just doesn't work out. The only answers I ever get are the non answers: "God works in mysterious ways" or "We cannot expect to understand the ways of the Lord". Fuck that. If something doesn't make any sense at all, and completely defies logic, then I'm going to call it bullshit.