Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No State for Old Men.....

Okay, so I know I have mentioned this in person to some close friends already, but I just wanted to update everyone on our local "hero", Joe Horn. Apparently, he has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing for shooting (and killing) two unarmed illegals in the back during a robbery of his neighbor's house. Apparently, he feared for his life as the two men cut a corner of his front lawn to get to their car and leave, thus provoking a beautifully placed 911 call to create this situation. What is really aces is the "You wanna bet" quote. I love it!! So what do you think? Was he right or wrong? I would make a vote box, but I don't think I have the permissions.


kevthegreat said...

I love this quote from his lawyer:

"(In a) situation like that, it occurred so fast, there was no time for thinking," Lambright said. "This was a bad situation."

Yeah, there was no time for thinking, but there was time to call the police, get your shotgun, tell the 911 dispatcher that you're going to go shoot the guys then go out and shoot them. But, no time to think.

BG said...

The football player?