Friday, July 25, 2008

Time to share!

This has been something I have been meeting to do for a while. I want to share a couple websites I read regularly and for y'all to do the same in the comments. Just let everyone know what on the interwebs entertains you, other than this blog. Here are my choices:

Dinosaur Comics - Best daily comic I've ever read.

JREF - James Randi Educational Foundation puts out a weekly newsletter filled with all the latest on flim flam and psuedoscience.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe - A weekly podcast put out by the New England Skeptical Society. It's consistantly amusing and well worth listening to.

Well, there is a comic, newsletter and podcast. I have a bunch more I can recommend, but now it's everyone else's turn. Link your favorite websites in the comments.


Mikey OOO said...

Ok, so I am going to try and do this and keep the porn and WWE out of it. - This if the offical site and has all the updated cards and fighter stories. is probably better for all around MMA fighting. - Good source on the jambase scene, new bands, concert daTES, etc. It doesn't have any setlists, but everything else - To piggy back off of the jam band music. This is a collection of live shows from almost al jam band bands (except Phish). Lots of moe, RAQ, Tea Leaf Gree, Michael Franti, North Miss., etc

Finally, and I know Kev hates it, but my home page is

Well that's some of my favorite sites

DrX said...

Can't do links in replies, so just Google.

Slashdot: news for nerds, stuff that matters. Have read this every day since before blogs were invented.

Newsarama and Comicbookresources for comic news. I occasionally browse through millarworld and, who are writers.

Dailykos for my dose of partisan politics. NPR and NYTimes for straight news.

And now, my own website, which is still under construction.
Penny-Arcade of course.

phishbone23 said...

Some of you already know this, but
is a good place to find tech gadgets for cheap (some non tech stuff too).

If I am researching newer computer geek stuff, I use

Oh, and if your Rubix cube is broken and you want to fix it, there is a well done site at

kevthegreat said...

Well, since we're talking nerdy tech stuff, I like engadget.