Friday, August 22, 2008

Kangaroo vs Kangaroo

Dammit. Why didn't we have a kangaroo in our line-up? These things are frigging hilarious. Completely non-lethal, but there's something awesome about watching two kangaroos kick each other in the balls for 15 minutes. This site has a ton of interesting videos of animal fights and misadventures. "Deer vs Race Car" is also hilarious, if a bit grim. Plus, Karate Chimp.


kevthegreat said...

Nice! We totally should have included a kangaroo! Who can we kick out that hasn't fought yet? The shark?

Also, I promise to have the bear vs. chimp results done and posted this weekend. It has been a busy week, folks.

phishbone23 said...

Kick out the monkey with a knife....everyone knows thats just plain retarded (sorry Albany).

DrX said...

No fuckin way! Monkey with a knife is gonna take it all!