Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Scientologastic!

Germany has done a bad thing. First, I'll quote this article:

Germany has banned filming of Tom Cruise's new movie at its military bases because they object to the actor's Scientology religion. Scientology is not recognized as a church by the German government, who claim the controversial religion is a "money-making cult."

First of all, I absolutely agree that Scientology is a money-making cult, but what the German government is doing is making a martyr of sorts out of Tom Cruise. You can't ban the production of a film just because of the religion of one of the cast members. It is ridiculous. The film has nothing to do with Scientology, it is the story of a German colonel who plotted to kill Hitler during World War II. By singling out Tom Cruise because of his beliefs you are giving Scientology a powerful weapon. They now can legitimately play the persecution card and when you are persecuted for your religious beliefs you gain sympathy from all those who were persecuted before you. Besides, what religion can't be described as a money-making cult?

Now, I believe that Germany means well in this. They recognize Scientology is a danger, and it most definitely is. The religion was built to make money, accumulate power, and destroy anyone who questions them. For a good expose of the religion go here. But the best way to fight Scientology is not to ban it, or discriminate against it, it is to let it be known what the religion actually believes.


phishbone23 said...

Germans singling out people due to their beliefs.....ridiculous!!

kevthegreat said...

You would have thought they'd learn thier lesson. If they are going to not allow any movie filmed there which has a crazy actor/actress in it, then there will never again be a film made in Germany.