Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shut up with your serious bullcrap

There are cats that look like Hitler. That is the real problem with society.


kevthegreat said...

I for one think Hitler kittens should be rounded up and sent to Guantanamo Bay. They obviously represent a threat to our very way of life. Kitten Hitlers hate our freedom and will do what ever it takes to snatch it away from us. In light of this, I say we give up all of our civil rights and declare martial law so that our government can better deal with this kitten Hitler epidemic. May God save us all.

DrX said...

They're not so bad. Look, they're kind of cute. Maybe we should photoshop up a cute little cat Hitler marching mice into an oven.

Nah. They probably get like twelve of those pictures a day.

kevthegreat said...

Where is the website for cats that look like Stalin?