Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our lofty ambitions

Demanding (or wishing for) a place at the table of high culture is an admission that you don't have one; the way you get a place at the table of high culture is to pull up a chair and say something interesting.
--Some guy talking about comic books


kevthegreat said...

I say screw high culture. High culture is usually watered down lame shit. Anything new and interesting is hated for not following the rules set forth by "high culture". So that's why I say "Fuck high culture!" I say that all the time. I usually say it right after introductions. "Hi, I'm Kevin. Fuck high culture."

phishbone23 said...

Isn't it cliche to fuck high culture? Isn't it cliche to call things cliche???

kevthegreat said...

No, it's not cliche. See, I'm actually proposing that people literally fuck high culture. I want them to go into a museum, pull a painting off the wall, cut a whole in the canvas and fuck it. I don't think that's cliche yet, but if I get my way it will be!

DrX said...

Discussing what is cliche is cliche. Calling things cliche is passe. Making literalisms out of vulgar cliches is a paradigm shift.

Somebody once tried to tell me paradigm shifts were cliche, which almost led to a fist fight in a bar. So don't go there, or there will be trouble.