Monday, December 3, 2007

Bad news

My brother's (DrX) wife was in a car accident yesterday. Here is an excerpt from his email:

Sorry to mass email bad news, but I wanted everybody to know that Megan was injured in a pretty serious car accident this morning on I805. We're sketchy on the details about exactly what happened, but she was exiting the freeway and swerved to avoid a large plastic igloo-shaped doghouse that was blocking the lane. She lost control of the Corolla and was struck on the driver's side by at least one other car (there was a third involved too, apparently). She has a broken rib or two, her pelvis is fractured in several places, and she has some minor cuts and bruises. Mia was home with me at the time and is fine. It all could have been so much worse, and for that at least we're thankful.

Megan will be in the hospital for a few more days as she recovers. If anyone wants the info of where to send cards or flowers or anything else, send me an email and I'll forward it to you. And I urge you all to contact your congressmen and senators and urge them to support legislation to ban Eskimo dogs from making their homes on highway off-ramps.

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phishbone23 said...

X, our thoughts are with you....