Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Was thinking of good movie ideas.....

Elephants on a Submarine
I "Still" Know Who Killed Me
xXx: State of the State (featuring Tony Hawk)
Godzilla vs. Transformers
Fat People (Michael Moore Documentary)
I Love New York: The Movie
Reno 911: Terry Goes Undercover(s)
Rocky Goes to Princeton
The Matrix 2 (Redone?)

had more but blanking.....feel free to contribute!


kevthegreat said...

Hamlet Part II: Rosencrantz Revenge

Pirates of the Caribbean Part 4: Even Less Plot, But More Depp!

Explosions, The Movie!

kevthegreat said...

Kangaroo Kop - Sly Stallone plays Ace Harden, a hard-boiled cop who doesn't play by the rules. When his partner and best friend is slain by a Columbian drug syndicate, he is paired with the newest recruit on the force: A straight laced, buttoned-up kangaroo named Kongy. Can Ace and Kongy find his friends killer and bring down the syndicate, or will they bring down each other first?

kevthegreat said...

"Four Score and Seven Miles" - As young men just out of college, Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth embark on a cross country road trip of self discovery in a beaten up VW bus with only a few dollars to their names. This was a trip that would shape their lives and determine the course of history. Guest starring Jodie Foster as Lola, the hooker with a heart of gold.