Friday, April 18, 2008

My Pre-Game Thoughts

I really do think this challenge is going to be fairly easy. The average Yankee game this year has lasted 3.5 hours and they have yet to go to extra innings. Nine hotdogs and nine beers in 3-4 hours really doesn't sound difficult to me. This scares me a bit though. The Rockies and Padres played a game last night, and into this morning, that lasted 22 innings which took over 6 hours. The ballpark challenge for that game may have been deadly...

Update (1:38 PM)
In what may or may not have been a smart move, I went to the Chinese Buffet for lunch. I didn't overindulge, and figured I needed a bit of a base for the beer portion of the challenge. Drinking on an empty stomach usually doesn't turn out well for me. Anyways, I am feeling a little too full right now and it's making me a little nervous. Just 5 and a half hours till the challenge starts...

Update (5:18 PM)
Just two hours to go, and I'm starting to feel pretty good. Chinese food for lunch was a very good idea. I am already starting to feel a bit hungry. Bring it on!

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