Monday, April 14, 2008

What better thing to do on Friday night?

This Friday night starting at 7PM, come check out the greatest live challenge in the history of the world! That's right, Friday night is the Ballpark challenge night. I will be putting up a live video stream of the proceedings and I'll also try to have a chat box up for all you crazy kids to better interact with your gladiators of gluttony. This is the first try, so expect some technical difficulties, but if it works well, then we may have a great new shtick. Friday at 7PM!!!


Mikey OOO said...

I'd love to join you, but I am busy Friday. get the bugs out and I'll do it next time. Sounds awesome though

Mikey OOO said...

I have a couple of questions about this still. Such as are we allowed to go piss during the challenge? who watches us for validity? I am proposing that I may try to do a ball park challenge in Poughkeepsie if I can find enough people and use digital pics. Or perhaps we can do it for July 4th weekend if Kev The Great is around. it would be an American tradition to gorge oursleves on hot dogs on this day anyway.

kevthegreat said...

When done over the webcam, we are going to have to use the honor system. Drinking all that beer makes urination a necessity. It would be a whole different kind of challenge if we didn't allow bathroom breaks. Besides, if someone pukes and continues the challenge, it's still pretty impressive. We have plenty of challenges to do Mikey, but I propose that for them to count, they should be done live over a webcam, assuming we get it working well.