Friday, January 4, 2008

Challenge #5: Attack of the Mac

I will start with the last eating challenge attempted. Last Sunday I made my way down to Po-town to witness my college buddy Mikey try to eat 4 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese. When I first heard this attempt I thought it would be easy. I really had no idea how much 4 boxes of Mac & Cheese truly was. I must say, when I first saw the bowl filled with mac, I knew this challenge would be more than formidable:

Mikey was game and started out at a furious pace, but it may have been a mistake to put all four boxes in one bowl. A half hour in and Mikey was sweating, and the bowl looked hardly touched. This challenge looked doomed from the start, a case of over enthusiasm, but Mikey would not be denied his glory. He would rally at the 45 minute mark and plow back into the heap of orangey goodness. But, alas, this was a challenge not meant to be conquered by mere mortals. For the next 15 to 20 minutes the great porcelain god would have company:

A valiant attempt, but still a failure. The remaining mac totaled likely less than a box:

This is a challenge that proved much more difficult than anyone imagined. It is one that will need to be attempted again. Who will be the one to aim for the stars? Who will avenge poor Mikey and conquer the evil fake cheese adversary? Only time will tell...

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