Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long time no blog

I'm an awful blogger lately. I got out of the blogging habit over Christmas vacation and just haven't got back into it. It doesn't help that I've been pretty busy lately at work and had a visitor this past weekend. Just no time to think of stuff to write about. I still haven't posted the results of phishbone's eating challenge yet either, but he's being a pain in the ass and not letting me post pictures unless I put that damn smiley face over his real face. Be proud of your eating prowess, dude! No need to hide. Anyways, I'll try to blog more starting now. One more thing, I am thinking about writing a play. Anyone have any idea of how to get a play performed? That would be fun, I think. I imagine I'd have to find a playhouse or something that's small enough to bribe. Maybe I should write it first, though. I'll get on that. I feel like being productive lately.

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