Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Play Idea

As I said in my previous post, I have suddenly decided to write a play. What is this play about? Well, just off the top of my head I'll come up with an idea:

There's this prince, right? Let's say he's from some European country like, I don't know, Denmark. Anyways, his father dies one night and his uncle marries his mother and becomes the next king. Crazy, eh? Anyways, the ghost of the dead king then comes and visits the prince and tells him that the uncle killed him and that his death must be avenged! How fucking cool is that? I'm brilliant! Anyways, the prince then decides to travel to America to find a bride. Looking at a map he decides to go to, of course, Queens in New York, where he gets a job at a fast food restaurant in order to get closer to a girl he wants to marry. Ummmm, then there's some more ghosts, and the prince gets the Statue of Liberty to come alive using some goo and 80s music and marches around the streets of New York looking for Godzilla, with whom there is a dramatic final showdown fight to the death. The End.

note: There is also a monkey.


phishbone23 said...

Don't forget the uncle had a twin brother that the family kept locked up and masked in a dark chamber.

kevthegreat said...

And then the brother escapes and hides out in the basement of an old opera house, but keeps half the mask to cover his disfigured face.

kevthegreat said...

And then there are people in cat costumes running around and generally being lame.

phishbone23 said...

And a strange troll lives in the wall of the opera house, and comes to steal your breath when you sleep.

kevthegreat said...

And then a leprechaun comes after the prince for stealing his gold and Jennifer Aniston in there, too.