Friday, January 11, 2008

Eating Challenge #4: McGluttany

The remaining four eating challenges were all done at the same time. For this entry I will focus on the second attempt of Josh (a.k.a. Powder) at eating glory. You may recall, Josh was the person to start the eating challenges by attempting to eat a dozen Boston Cream donuts in an hour, and fell one and a half short. This time Josh decided on the McDonald's cheeseburger challenge: a dozen burgers in an hour.

The determination on Josh's face was obvious from the start. He would not be embarrassed a second time. He started of on a steady pace and by the halfway point he had close to ten already down.

But, alas, it's always the final 10% that is by far the hardest. He got number 11 down with great effort and had that last one remaining. The others participating in the room seemed to spur Josh on, however. Seeing pain in the eyes of others always seems to dull your own. Bite after bite, the final burger evanesced until, finally, it was gone. Now there was just the 15 minutes to keep it down.

The pain was there, but the willpower was greater. Success was had. Victory was his. Josh has bested the cheeseburger challenge.


DrX said...

I'm sure it was challenging, but I feel like this was potentially the easiest, with the exception of the 3 meatball subs. Make it 10 Big Macs, and that's a challenge.

kevthegreat said...

Yeah, the cheeseburger challenge was probably the easiest, but we had to get Josh's self esteem up after he failed the donut challenge. The 3 meatball subs is actually much more difficult than it sounds. There is a lot of bread there, and bread is very filling.

phishbone23 said...

yeah it seemed like Subway's sub rolls were on steroids that day too. They were like Barry Bonds Rolls or something.

Napainléon Brainaparte said...

Good game Josh !