Saturday, June 7, 2008

For Brainaparte

My scanner is completely fubar now, so making a sketch of my favorite French actress is tough. Well, making the sketch isn't so tough, but posting it is. In the mean time, just to let you know I haven't forgotten your trivia reward, here is a photo of my favorite French actress, Anna Karina:

Now, I know next to nothing about Anna Karina, and have only seen her in a few Godard films, but in those films, she may be the most gorgeous woman who ever lived. And, I know, she was born in Denmark, but a majority of her films were French and lived most of her life there. I think she's still alive, but she's old and I don't really care about her anymore. OK, so maybe there are a lot of problems with my choice here, and maybe I just wanted an excuse to make the blog a lot better looking by posting the above picture. And I know Fish will yell at me for this one, too. Oh well. Anna Karina was ridiculously beautiful, so I win.


phishbone23 said...

Not yelling, it's a good pick....not the best of course, but good.

Brainaparte said...

Oh, thank you for this reward.

It's the best post I've ever seen here but maybe is it because my name is in its title.

And you're right, she's old now. But she used to be cute. So you win.