Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday DrX!!!

That's right, today is DrX's 58th birthday. He s young at heart, though. It's ok, DrX, most of your life may be over, but you can still look forward to a few more cognoscente years, maybe! Here are some other folks that were born on June 9th: Peter The Great, Donald Duck, Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman.

Also, on this day in 1940, Norway surrendered to Nazi Germany. Oh, Norway! You so crazy! So DrX, stay away from Norwegians and Nazis today. Hope you are doing something fun and exciting! Have some cake. Cake is yummy, unless it has coconut. I hate coconut. Fuck you coconut!


Mikey OOO said...

Hayy birthday. I hate coconut too.

DrX said...

Thanks, guys. And, yes, fuck Coconut. Fuck it to hell.

kevthegreat said...

Who are these people that buy coconut cakes and chocolates and stuff? Someone at work the other day gave me a bag of coconut covered chocolates. I mean, thanks and all, but it's fucking coconut. Nobody likes that shit. It's like someone giving you a twenty dollar bill right after pissing all over it. I mean, I'd like the $20, but not if it's covered with pee.

DrX said...

Somebody must like coconut. I think we have such an aversion because of Grandma U's cakes. Dry, tasteless cakes, with a thick layer of dried coconut on top. My. god. Did anybody in our family like the way Grandma cooked (god rest her soul)?