Sunday, February 15, 2009

I guess it's back on

The next battle of the beasts is between the gorilla and the walrus. Does any of the other posters here want to take this one? It doesn't matter how the battle is illustrated, just be original about it. Anyways, I'll post the poll on the main page for everyone to vote on the winner. It will expire on Friday night, so get your votes in, folks! Feel free to discuss your pick in the comments section.

Update: I forgot that we also were randomly picking locations for these battles, too. The problem is, I can't find those locations we picked for this. So, let's say this battle happens in a Burger King bathroom. 


phishbone23 said...

The gorilla gets busy in a Burger King bathroom....

DrX said...

This is a tough one. But I think being in the bathroom skews it toward the gorilla. The gorilla could probably find all kinds of things in there to use as thrown weapons against the walrus - toilet seats, trash can, sink... As long as the walrus doesn't get lucky and gore the gorilla with its tusks, I think the gorilla has the clear advantage.