Saturday, February 14, 2009

No combo breaker today

Today I am finding out how many shots of vodka I can drink before I forget what day it is. It turns out I can drink a lot of vodka! Anyways, I'm feeling pretty happy right now. It's amazing how that works. You know, I've been thinking lately, I need some sunglasses. Now that I have contacts, I figure I can splurge on some non prescription sunglasses. Yeah, that really is all I have today. You know, I think I have to come up with another couple shticks or something for this blog. The battle of the beasts thing is just too damn time consuming. Sorry! I know it was fun and all, but it really is a pain in the ass to make those little flash movies, especially when the free trial for flash runs out after 30 days. Maybe I'll think of another way to simulate the fights that is a bit less work intensive in the future. Until then, you just have to deal with my rambling, useless posts. You'll take it and like it!

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