Monday, February 16, 2009

Road Rash Brewing Company

My parents were in town this weekend. So in between going to Austin to get some yummy BBQ and spiking a golf ball (accidentally) off of Phishbone23's head while golfing, I used the extra man power to bottle my first batch of beer! Hopefully it will carbonate nicely in the bottles, but even if it doesn't it still will tast pretty good.

I know this because I tasted the little I pulled out of the carboy to use to test the specific gravity before bottling.

The bottling process was probably a bit more hectic than it could have been, but it all got bottled and is now sitting in nice dark boxes in the corner of my kitchen. Hopefully in a week or two I will have some nicely carbonated American Pale Ale to drink!

After bottling I deicded that since the carboy was now empty that meant I could use it for a second batch of beer. So now I have a cream ale that is sitting in my kitchen fermenting away! My hope is that both beers will be ready by the time Kev and Mikey get here in a month!

The next step is to decide if I want to keep bottling or if I want to invest in kegging equipment and a kegerator!


Kris said...

My fermentations stuck I think. You can see what it looked like yesterday morning and then last night there was nothing. No bubbles, no more foam, nothing! I haven't checked the specific gravity, but I am pretty sure it isn't fully fermeneted yet. Bleck.

Mikey OOO said...

I am excited to try the pale ale. But you can count me out for the cream ale. It reminds too much of Genessee Cream Ale, and that stuff was just nasty