Monday, August 27, 2007

Houston Trip: Day 2

You can read my day 1 recap here. Now, day two was a sleep in day. I got up at about 11AM and soon phishbone23, his woman and I all went out for lunch at a Mexican place of a name I can't recall. Anyways, this is where it was confirmed to me that portions of food are definitely bigger in Texas. I ordered the fajitas:

After lunch we decided to head in to Galveston and check out a couple bars there. On our way we went past NASA where we witnessed a giant thumb attacking jets on a stick!

After that harrowing experience, we arrived in Galveston and I got to see the Gulf as well as drink some beers at a biker bar and getting shot. So the question is "Who Shot Mr. Kevin":

The day ended with Fish trying to trick me into going to a Karoke bar, but failing miserably. He doubted my lameness radar, but it was working well that night. So, we bought some Italian for dinner, bought some beers and drank the night away while playing the Wii, and breaking my shoulder. Day three would be the day to be remembered...

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phishbone23 said...

Mexican place was Lupe Tortilla's