Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A repost!

I posted this on my old blog back in June:

Read this and come back to my commentary.

You read it?

You sure?

Ok, so somebody tell me, why is it that when anyone tells one of these little stories God turns out to be a total dick? God is omniscient so he knows that if he just tells the climber guy to cut his rope, with no other explanation, the guy isn't going to do it. So God is just pretty much taunting this guy and setting up the ultimate "I told you so!" situation. He's a dick.

I love it when people imagine God this way. I guess you can tell a lot about people by how they imagine an omnipotent being. That being has a tendency to agree with them a lot, and to humiliate people that don't agree with them. I'm gonna tell ya, if I'm ever hanging off a cliff by a rope and I hear a voice telling me to cut the rope, I'm sure as hell not gonna, because even if there is a God and he is actually talking to me, I'm still not going to trust that dick. I'd end up plunging to my death and in the afterlife God would be like "I can't believe you cut the rope! You're such a moron! What did you expect to happen!? LOL!". Yes, that's right, in my imagination God would say "LOL". My idea of an omnipotent being speaks like a 12 year old girl who does too much text messaging. Now, what does that say about me?


phishbone23 said...

God should have pretended to not speak english....would've been better. Que???

DrX said...

So, hold on. This guy climbed a mountain alone. And took so long that it was nighttime by the time he got to the top, and then he fell ALL THE WAY to the bottom, and his rope caught him. 10 feet from the ground.

How long was this rope?
How small was this mountain?
How freaking slow was this guy climbing?

Plus, why did he freeze to death? Where was his gear? Why didn't he freeze when he was climbing?

I don't think this story is true.