Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another Poll

I'm gonna try doing another poll. Hopefully this one won't end up tied, and a miserable failure, like the last. Ok, so here is the question, followed by the choices with examples:

Which drug has had the best influence on the "rock music"?

1. Heroin

2. Pot

3. Cocaine

4. Religion

The choice is yours! Please vote!

11/10 update:
The longer the poll has stayed up, the more lame I have felt it has become. I have grown to hate this poll, so I have taken it down. The lesson for today: I should never commit myself to long term gags, because I will hate them after a day or two.


kevthegreat said...

I've tried 4 times already, and I just can't make it through the first minute of that last video...

kevthegreat said...

In case anyone was wondering about the videos:
1. The Dead Boys playing at CBGBs
2. Phish playing at the Glen Falls Civic Center (upstate represent!)
3. Adam Ant in some whacked out video
4. Jars of Clay playing in some alternate universe where they actually have a crowd listening to their music without falling asleep.

DrX said...

What is meant by the most effect? Most positive effect (ie best music produced under the drug's influence)? Or do you mean had the most wide ranging influence?

Anyway, the answer is clearly heroin. Coke was all 80s, which produced neither influential nor quality music.

Pot is a non-starter.

Religion has quality and influence, no doubt. It has clear ownership of classical music, so that could make it a winner right there. If you're going to use Jars of Clay as your example though, no fuckin way.

Heroin seems to get all the greats, eventually, and they often produce moody, meaningful stuff. Is it correlation or causation?

kevthegreat said...

The poll says "best effect". By best, I'm referring to quality. Also, this just applies to rock, since I don't like seeing religion win any contests. If we were talking about music in general, then I agree that religion would win, but we are talking about rock music only.

Can you think of any religious rock bands better than Jars of Clay? Are there any Muslim or Buddhist rock bands, like there are Christian rock bands?