Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Reunion

So, one of the main reasons I went up to New York over Thanksgiving was to go to my High School reunion, which was last Friday night. I suppose I should talk about it. Y'all can be my shrink. In a blog post before I left I said:

My high school experience wasn't particularly enjoyable, in fact I think it compares more aptly to a stay in prison than a high school, but I am relatively successful now, which means lots of rubbing it in the faces of everyone who was an asshole to me. Ah yes, I've been waiting for this moment.

Well, I had plenty of opportunity to rub in my moderate success, since a majority of the people there had made absolutely nothing of their lives. I just couldn't do it, though. It all really just depressed the hell out of me. Nobody changed, they were all the same people I went to high school with, and just being there in that room with them all, I felt exactly as I did in high school. I was once again a freak, an outcast, and a majority of the people there didn't even know who the fuck I was. I mean, I do look very different now, and when I told them who I was most people remembered me, but still.

I just couldn't enjoy myself. It really was hell. I didn't want to tell anyone about my life, because I knew the only reason that most of the people went to this thing was in hopes of finding that everyone was like them, that nobody had made anything of their lives. Of course they went to the high school reunion, they've been stuck there for the past ten years. There really wasn't anyone there, besides the people I went with, who I would care to see again. Fuck APHS.

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