Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Challenges!

Here are some more eating challenges to try over the Christmas vacation:

1. 12 McDonald's cheeseburgers in one hour.

2. 18 Boston Cream Dunkin Donuts by two people (one male one female) in one hour.

3. 15 Taco Bell tacos (with or without lettuce) in one hour.

4. 6 Cheeseburger Happy Meals with soda and fries in an hour.

5. 3 Medium Dominoes Pizzas in 1.5 hours.

6. 10 Ramen Noodles packages any flavor (12 if chicken) in 1 hour.

7. 20 Zingers (or similar) in 1 hour.

8. 3 Pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (any flavor) in 1 hour.

9. 4 footlong meatball subs with cheese from Subway in 1 hour.

10. 4 boxes of Freihofer's chocolate chip cookies (it's an upstate NY thing).

11. 8 cans of Spaghetti O's in one hour.


Kris said...

- A box (12) of the original Powerbars over two hours.

- 10 pints of Guinness over 3 hours

- 60 pieces of California roll in an hour

DrX said...

Heh. I think I could do the McDonald's stuff, meatball subs, and Freihofer's cookies. Not sure about the Taco Bell, or Ramen.

Definitely no on the others. I know I could not have done the 12 donuts. Maybe non-cream/jelly filled.

I think I have done the Guinness, unfortunately. And probably have done the equivalent of that in California rolls, though it likely took an hour and a half or so.

kevthegreat said...

I purposely didn't post any drinking challenges on here since they can be potentially deadly and all. And, let me be clear, if you die or become very sick from one of these challenges, please don't blame me. Be smart! If you have diabetes, don't try the donut challenge. If you already have high blood pressure, don't do the Ramen challenge. If you just had bypass surgery, don't do the McD's or Taco Bell challenges. If you're lactose intolerant (Josh!) don't do the ice cream challenge. I'm sure I left somne stuff out, but you know what you can and can't eat lot's of.

kevthegreat said...

And if anyone does attempt any one of these challenges, send me pictures or video and I will post it on this blog.

phishbone23 said...

I may be able to do the ice cream challenge, but the rest of that looks tough. Back in the day, I may have been able to pull some of that other stuff off.

phishbone23 said...

100 wings in an hour???

DrX said...

Ooo. Wings. Good one. I could totally do that, if they weren't breaded. Just good old buffalo wings. You'd also want to restrict yourself on blue cheese. Maybe every 8th wing or so for variety.

kevthegreat said...

I really did want to put a wing challenge on there, but the problem is that wing size varies dramatically depending on where you get them. I tried to find food that is consistent no matter where you are. Does anyone know a chain restaurant with good wings that are consistent in size?

kevthegreat said...

Or maybe we should specify the number of wings eaten by weight. Like 5 pounds of wings, or something...