Friday, November 2, 2007

I have problems

I wrote this post just a couple days ago, and in it I said I would be posting ways to be popular. I have yet to post that. Let me tell you what happened. Whenever I do something like that (say I am going to post something in the future) I rarely end up fulfilling that promise. I have such an aversion to doing anything I feel I've been forced into, that I find it very difficult to do something even I've forced myself to do. Looking back at that previous post, I now feel that the posting I promised would be completely lame, and I've been avoiding writing it, even though I was enthusiastic about it, and came up with some good ideas just two days ago. I am rebelling against the past me, the me of two days ago. Fuck me from two days ago! I can't tell me what to write! I'm older and more wise than me, I'll write whatever the hell I want to write, and it'll be a fuck load* better than anything I wanted me to write! Hell yeah!

*A fuck load is a unit of measurement equivalent to 3,233.657 kg.

1 comment:

phishbone23 said...

so did you gain a fuck load in 2 days?