Monday, March 31, 2008

Adventures at DMV...

I have to go get my NC license tomorrow and am not looking forward to it. I hate the DMV and everything it stands for. There should be a national drivers license. It's not like the traffic laws are all that different from state to state. In fact, I just skimmed over the NC drivers manual and couldn't find a single law different from NY. Why do I have to get a different license, then? It's all the friggin same. Hammer-Bot's list just keeps getting longer and longer.


Mikey OOO said...

I have two comments.

1st - Now that you're getting your license, its time you unpack your shit (curse word YAY). You've lived there a year and don't have 1 picture up and your bedroom is full of unpacked boxes. Move it already man

2nd - Why were you reading the NC drivers manual and comparing it to NY. Don't you have anything better to do than compare drivers manuals. Draw some more pictures of robots or butterflies and put them up on your walls man

kevthegreat said...

I was looking over the manual because I have to take the written test down here, and wanted to make sure nothing was different. And I'll unpack when I want to!