Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I miss New York...

...and the governor with the high priced whores. I miss the days when The Spitz (that's what I called the governor back then) and I would go out, buy some coke, get a dozen hookers and make them fight in a pit of death with lions to see which of the strongest will come back to the hotel with us. Good times... Wait, there are laws against that? Do we live in Nazi Germany or something? Fascists!

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Mikey OOO said...

Yeah those were the good ole days. Hanging out with Elliot (Ness) Spitzer. I am so glad you are still allowed to do those things in North Carolina. At first I was worreid about what to do on Wednesday night. But now I think the choice is clear. Coke, whores, lions, and $4K BJ's for everyone!!!