Sunday, March 30, 2008

2nd Gen. Hammer-bot

I figured my first Hammer-bot might need some help crushing all of my enemies, so I decided to make another:

The thing is, this Hammer-Bot is pretty much just a giant metal pussy. When he approaches my enemies he just yells out "DANGER! DANGER!" and kind of flails his arms around randomly. What a dumb Hammer-Bot. It's quite ridiculous, isn't it? Who wants a Hammer-Bot that let's my enemies know it's coming and then can't even swing its hammer in a controlled, accurate way? Maybe I'll teach it to serve me tea...


DrX said...

Dude, have you lost it?

kevthegreat said...

Well, maybe? Another problem with my Gen.2 Hammer-Bot is that I'm getting sued for copywrite infringement. Stupid "Lost in Space". They've gone and added themselves to my hammering list.