Thursday, September 27, 2007

Babies are ugly

I mean, they rarely have any hair, they have little squinty eyes, and they smell. Not only that, but their faces are always all scrunched up and they cry too much. I mean, would a little makeup kill them? Stupid babies, put some effort in, eh? We're all sick of looking at your ugly little faces. Dress it up!


DrX said...

OK. Jesus Christ, what's wrong with you? Can't you find something to write? I check this every day hoping to see something worth responding to. You're just not trying anymore.

OK, I'm posting a new topic.

kevthegreat said...

Hey, I resent that. I am most definitely trying. I'm trying to get people to participate. Making fun of Family Guy, bad movies and puppy dogs just wasn't working, so I had to take the next step. Good thing you replied to this, because the next post may have gotten me arrested.