Monday, September 24, 2007

Family Guy Suck Wars

Did anyone happen to watch the new Family Guy episode last night? It was an hour Star Wars episode. Yes, it was like Star Wars, only filled with pop culture references, mostly from the 80s. I have to say it was absolutely awful. I have a comedy tip for all you out there, just referencing something from pop culture isn't funny. How about throwing some jokes in every once in a while? But, this is what Family Guy has become. It is so lazy that it just fills the show with complete non-sequiturs, but when it actually tries put a whole show together with an actually story and plot, even if it is copying Star Wars, it fails miserably.

I'm pretty sure this show used to be funny, but I think I'd have to go back to the first couple seasons to be sure. It could be that I just got sick of the Family Guy formula... Anyways, here's a great example of what I'm talking about. Over at Joe Mathlete's Great American Blog, he edited an episode from last season to take out all of the sequences that have absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the show. This cut out half of the show, and what's left runs a total of 12 minutes. Let's all boycott the show, the writers have obviously stopped caring and are putting in a minimal effort. Why should we reward laziness?

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phishbone23 said...

Dude, this post reminds me of that time when I went fishing with Michael Jordan and Ghandi. And Ghandi got pissed at Jordan for popping his chewing gum too loud and ate all of Michael Jordan's bait. Yeah, good times....